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  • Will FranCenter tutoring help my child become a better learner?
    FranCenter will give your child the courage to try and the confidence to succeed. We discover how the child’s brain processes and makes sense of the world. Through meta-cognitive strategies we help each student to discover and use his/her unique gifts.
  • What is Psychological/Educational Testing?
    Testing assesses the needs of the whole child. Comprehensive Psychological-Educational testing addresses cognitive function, emotional statues, receptive and expressive language development, academic levels, intelligence, and learning style. FranCenter maintains an outstanding reputation regarding comprehensive testing, receiving referrals from schools, parents, and the medical community.
  • How do I know if my child may need an Evaluation?
    Parents are in the best position to determine if their child is happy, doing well in school, has positive relationships with family members, and maintains a supportive social network of friends. If there are concerns in any of these areas a consultation is warranted to review and investigate the presenting issues.
  • Do I need a school or doctor referral?
    FranCenter receives referrals from both the medical community and from schools, however a medical or school referral is not necessary.
  • Does insurance cover the Evaluation?
    FranCenter is a not an insurance provider in any networks.
  • How long is the Evaluation process?
    Testing is based upon the individual needs of each client. The evaluation process may be between 4 to 8 hours.
  • Who conducts the Evaluation?
    State and nationally certified psychologists who hold a Master’s or Doctoral degree conduct evaluations at FranCenter.
  • What do I do after my child has been tested?
    Parents decide at the staffing where results are reviewed and discussed what the appropriate next steps should be. These steps may include: a school staffing where FranCenter would advocate for the child; tutoring; counseling referrals; and parent training regarding how to support the child at home.
  • What is a Learning Disability?
    There are many conditions that fall under the term learning disabilities. Children and adolescents with a learning disability have average to above average intellectual ability but may have a cognitive processing difficulty that prevents them from achieving their full potential without appropriate interventions. ADHD is another condition that affects a student’s ability to maintain attention and concentration, and may also include impulsive behavior.
  • What is the cost of Evaluation?
    Testing costs range between $385.00 and $1950.00 and is based upon the assessment designed for the individual client.
  • Why should I choose FranCenter?
    FranCenter is a not-for-profit corporation with over three decades of experience evaluating and helping thousands of children, adolescents and adults reach their true potential. Because of the outstanding reputation of the clinic, referrals are received from the medical profession, schools, and the business community.
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