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Our Faculty

Banah Abourobeieh.jpg

Banah Abourobeieh

Alex Accardi.jpg

Alex Accardi
Title I

Isabel Barrios.jpg

Isabel Berrios
Spanish Language

Jessica Boateng.jpg

Jessica Boateng
Title I

Karen Brodzik.jpg

Karen Brodzik
Title I

Maricela Carrillo.jpg

Maricela Carrillo
Spanish Language

Rhonda Franklin.jpg

Rhonda Franklin
Physical Education 

Sheldon Gorski.jpg

Sheldon Gorski
Physical Education 

Tiffany Graham.jpg

Tiffany Graham
Physical Education 

Henry Johnson.jpg

Henry Johnson

Willie Jones.jpg

Willie Jones
Music and Choir

Tracy Lohan.jpg

Tracy Lohan
Title I

Brittany Lowe.jpg

Brittney Lowe
5th Grade Classroom

Beth McGovern.jpg

Beth McGovern

Zuly Moreno.jpg

Zuly Moreno
Title I & Spanish Language

April Pilousek.jpg

April Pilousek
Title I

Francine Rizzo.jpg

Francine Rizzo
Title I

Adrienne Testa.jpg

Adrienne Testa
Title I

Tanara Washington.jpg

Tenara Washington
Title I

Chris Watson.jpg

Chris Watson
Title I

Mark Watson.jpg

Mark Watson

Lacey Wherli.jpg

Lacey Wehrli
Music and Band

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