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Cleveland Dodge Scholarship

FranCenter established the Robert Cleveland and Kenneth Dodge Memorial Scholarship Award Program in 1995. Robert Cleveland served as President of the FranCenter Board of Directors for eight years and was a founding director of the center.  Kenneth Dodge served as a distinguished member of the Board and supported the work of the center for a decade.

Mr. Cleveland and Mr. Dodge passed away in 1994. They were men of high moral integrity, devoutly religious and concerned about the welfare of children and adolescents with special needs. This joint scholarship program is a tribute to the devotion and dedication of these men to the mission and purpose of FranCenter.​

​$750.00 scholarships are awarded annually to high school seniors with Learning Disabilities in the state of Illinois to continue their education at a four year college or university. The award may be used for tuition and fees at a college or trade schools. 


Scholarship applications are available in February of each year and are sent to every Director of Special Education in the State of Illinois as well as non-public schools.   

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